Perce is a virtual network dealing in apparel and jewelry. The website is built off of WordPress and features a social network, with the ability for members to sell their own items. Pierce also carries it’s own inventory of products, offering items on the website, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, as well as other auction platforms.

Pierce features a developing mobile application to set up a small business, as well as shop other businesses, and socialize with either business networks or personal friends.

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Auction Platform

Pierce is an Auction platform where members can sell their own items, and set up a store.

Social Networking

Pierce is a social network for those who enjoy business and running a retail online business.


Info Hub

Perce is a hub for all things peppers. The network ties many resources together.


The website offers a free app for both running a business and surfing the site. is Run Independently

Peppers is built off WordPress and hosted on in house Syetek servers. Our servers have 100% up-time, advanced options for hosting needs, customized security, and plenty of bandwidth to facilitate high traffic sites, transactions, and resource intensive media.

Because we run independently customization to your network platform is easily possible. You will have the chance to communicate directly your concerns about the way your system is operating. To establish your network, or improve your existing one contact me today.

Integrated Social Marketing

I use a single dashboard to manage all social marketing accounts, stay up-to-date and active by letting Syetek manage your social marketing needs, to expand your network to more than just the mainstream social networks. We set up shop on every social network, forum, and support thread we can find to further grow your niche network.

Statistical Analysis

I use traffic statistics to analyze what is most effective on your website as the network grows, and becomes more active. From this data we come to know the audience better, and begin the second phase in development. Delivering the client what they are looking for.

List Building

With every project I undertake, list building is high on the list. We will work out a strategy to start building your list as soon as possible. List building is essential to any business, and I have a system in place you can take advantage of today.