SUP Paddleboards

Sup Paddleboards is a website built from scratch. This is a one page website designed to process orders for the SUP paddle board. The splash page features the selling points of the SUP Paddle Board, various ordering options, and shows all the items that will come with the shipment.

This website was driven by an online ad campaign and it’s life cycle was meant to be very short. The goal of this site was to drive a large volume of customers to the one page informational website to further persuade customers to take up paddle boards as a hobby.

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Specialty Beach Boards

This website offers beach boards, showcases the product, offering different styles and accessories.


Built From Scratch

SUP Paddleboards is built from scratch without using platforms such as WordPress, or Drupal.

Payment Processing

This site uses custom JavaScript to calculate cost, and process credit card numbers securely.

Light and Fit

SUP Paddleboards is made to load fast in any browser, and optimized for search engines.